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Inspired by the art of slow food
and the handcrafted Japanese cuisine of Kaiseki

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  sake & beverages  
  sake & beverages

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Junmai Sake 純米酒

Tengumai Yamahai 天狗舞 山廃
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 15
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 50
Ishikawa / Semi Dry
Aromatic & flavorful – Best at Atsukan, hot temperature

Nanbu Bijin 南部美人
Mini Carafe (180ml/6fl oz.) 14
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 48
Iwate / Mild
Fruity, soft & gentle with pleasing finish

Amanoto 天の戸
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 18
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 63
Akita / Very Dry/Rich
Dry and crisp, refreshing finish

Square One □一
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 29
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 107
Nagano / Dry / Rich
Traditional sake brewing skill gives it rich & genuine body

Tenshi no Yuwaku 天使の誘惑(秘蔵酒 芋焼酎)
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 40
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 150
Kagoshima / Potato Shochu / Limited / 83% potato & 17% rice / alc.40%
Fermented in sherry casks for approximately 10 years – Has light golden color, rich aroma & deep flavor

Junmai Dai-Ginjo 純米大吟醸

Kamotsuru Tokusei Gold 賀茂鶴特製ゴールド
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 22
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 80
Hiroshima / Slightly Dry / Deep & Rich
Luxury silky, a gentle mineral taste with clean finish

Kanchiku 寒竹
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 21
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 78
Nagano / Semi Dry / Slightly Sweet
Floral-like aroma & flavor of ripe fruit

Kitaya Kansansui 喜多屋 寒山水
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 24
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 87
Fukuoka / Semi Dry / light
Soft touch to the contrary of sharp taste & has elegant fruity aroma

Sake Hitosuji 酒一筋
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 36
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 138
Okayama / Dry
Flavorful, well-mellowed taste blended with the refined aroma, excellent finish

Dassai 獺祭
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 46
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 177
Yamaguchi / Semi Dry / Fruity aroma
Elegant & refined well rounded flavor

Ugo no Tsuki 雨後の月
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 44
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 166
Hiroshima / Light
Refreshing fragrance with mild & elegant flavor. Clean & pure, smooth finish.

Kubota Manju 久保田 萬寿
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 42
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 160
Niigata / Slightly Dry / Rich
Preparation time and craftsmanship exceeds that of almost every other sake -
A truly sophisticated aroma and flavor.

Nigorizake にごり酒

Dassai Nigori 獺祭にごり
Mini Carafe (180ml/6 fl oz.) 17
Bottle (720ml/24 fl oz.) 60
Yamaguchi / Semi Dry / Refreshing
Full flavored, refreshing

Yuki no bosya Junmai Ginjyo Nigori 雪の芽舎 純米吟醸 にごり
Bottle (300ml/1o fl oz.) 35
Akita / Dry / Refreshing
Elegant, fruity, gentle in acidity & creamy texture

Beer ビール

Sapporo – Premium サッポロ 8
Asahi Super Dry アサヒスーパードライ 8
Yebisu 恵比寿 10

Wine ワイン


Domaine de la Pepiere, Muscadet, 2007
Loire, France 10/32
Refreshing & crisp, a touch of honey aroma, taste of nuts and lemon

Cazin Cour-Cheverny, 2007
Loire, France 12/44
Vibrant & fresh with intense fruit flavors & crisp acidity

Luneau Papin, Muscadet, 1997
Loire, France 13/47
Elegant, precise, dry & lots of minerality
Reminiscent of slightly aged Chablis

Gerard Boulay Sancerre Chavignol, 2007
Loire, France 17/68
Pure and & elegant expressions, clean & ripe with hints of citrus

Fonatine-Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet Vergers 1er Cru, 2006
Burgundy, France 163
Intense, racy deep & complex aromas of pear, juicy, mineral & tight

“Sake Paring”
For each Kaiseki course.

$39 per person for $60 Tempura Kaiseki course

$50 per person for $80 Kaiseki course

$70 per person for $120 Kaiseki course

$85 per person for $150 Kaiseki course

$98 per person for $200 Kaiseki course


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