Rosanjin | TRIBECA

Inspired by the art of slow food
and the handcrafted Japanese cuisine of Kaiseki

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9 course menu
$120 per guest

Appetizer / 先付け
Dashi-Marinated King Crab

Sashimi / 御造里
Chef's Choice of 4 Different Types

Soup / 椀物
Choice of Clear Soup with Oyster Fish Cake
Traditional Steamed Soup served in a Tea Pot

Sushi / お凌ぎ(寿司)
Chef's Choice of 2 Pieces

Grilled Dish / 焼き物
Seasonal Grilled Fish

Simmered Dish / 煮物
Washu Beef and Satoimo Manju Glazed with Thickened Fish Broth

Fried Dish / 揚げ物
Assorted Tempura

Rice Dish / ご飯物
Clay Pot Rice with Toppings and Akadashi-Miso Soup

Dessert / デザート
Seasonal Housemade Dessert

Sake Pairing additional
$72 per guest


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